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We are the trusted professionals in the design and manufacture of fiberglass pickup truck boxes as well as mobile workshops offering reliability, durability, longevity in addition to exemplary strength. We contribute to the productivity as well as the profitability of our clients with excellent advice. Our products are adaptable, offering safety as well as protection, both for the vehicle and its contents.



The Master Series are slip-in transferable service body is a self-contained, mono-body capsule that is a universal fit for all full-size trucks. The Master has its own floor so all your tools or equipment will stay safe and secure. This is the perfect replacement for your truck cap, cargo van or camper shell.



Everest is the tallest truck cap on the market. Use for leisure or work. An ATV or snowmobile fits easily inside. Its interior height makes it easier to access.



Your truck is part of who you are. Part of your identity. Which means your new truck cap is part of you, too. We don’t take that lightly. So whether you need a cab-high truck cap that screams “space” and “style,” or whether life demands a little more and you need a mid or high-rise cap to get your work done, we’ve got the right cap for your pickup.



We have been manufacturing raised roofs since 1970. Our experience makes all the difference, because we are the pioneers in the field! Adding a raised roof to your van will greatly increase your interior comfort both at work and for your weekly activities ... Whether it is to work standing up inside or to transform the van into a Camper, a roof extension is what you need.

Plancher coulissant


The Master Slide Floor is simply a better way to access the interior of the Master by transforming it into an easy access sliding platform. Entry unit inside to access your tools or supplies. Just grab the handle and pull out the floor and all the cargo comes out of the Master. Save time, effort and back pain.


Reliable, robust and enduring truck and mobile workshop boxes.

Smart layouts

Smart layouts, offering easy access and protection of content, while also protecting the vehicle in use.

Fast service

An attentive technical service with a constant inventory of parts for rapid intervention in case of need

Price quality

Always exceptional value for money for a profitable investment.

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